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engine overhaul


  • Engine overhauls, stock & performance applications

  • OEM parts or better in all of our engines

  • Built by certified technicians

  • Diesel Engine Repair

  • Engine Replacement

  • Oil Analysis

  • Stock & performance transmission replacement

  • Inspections

diesel performance

Bow Diesel Injection offers a wide variety of performance Parts for various makes and models to give your truck better performance, more mileage, and increase power to make your truck MORE efficient and reliable.

  • Diesel tuners & electronics

  • Cold air intakes

  • Performance turbo's, Twin turbo kits

  • Efi live tuning, Sct tuning

  • Injectors

  • Cp3 pumps, Twin Cp3 Kits

  • Egr, Dpf & urea delete packages (FOR OFFROAD USE)

  • Exhaust systems

diesel service & repair
diesel repair & diagnostics

Our Certified technicians have years of experience and have earned the honor to be called “Specialists” in the diesel industry. Our OEM diagnostic equipment, fuel injection shop and specialized diesel training is what sets us apart from other independent diesel shops. In todays complex diesel industry, It now takes many thousands of dollars worth of the best OEM computerized equipment and continuous specialized ongoing training to provide you with the highest quality of service. Combine the skill of our technicians, OEM diagnostic equipment and our commitment to our customers we are able to help meet and exceed the goals of your diesel pickup truck whether it is for daily driving, towing or racing.

diesel parts
diesel parts

Bow Diesel Injection is a professional company committed to providing excellent customer service, while offering you the highest quality diesel performance, fuel injection and diesel truck parts for the agricultural, automotive and industrial applications. Every product we sell, we have tried and tested, we want to know what your application is, what you are going to use it for, so we can sell and install the right product for are customers!


Call Bow Diesel Injection today 403-227-6888!

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